Overcoming Part 2 

The first steps in overcoming the stronghold with lust or any sin is confessing your sins and admitting you can not conquer it apart from Christ. According to my husband there were hundreds of times he tried stopping and it would work for a week or so and then he would fall. But he was doing it in his own strength. Now that he is doing it with God, it has been the longest he has ever gone without looking lustfully at another woman. The first steps we took immediately were down grading his smartphone to a basic phone because that was his main accessibility. We also made huge changes in our home and established boundaries. He has absolutely no internet access at home. Not allowed to watch tv or turn it on for any reason except if it is to put a Netflix show on for the kids. He doesn’t go to stores alone right now and he has created new routes home for work because of businesses that either are tempting or could be on the way. This may sound a little extreme but he is serious with wanting this struggle gone and he is willing to do whatever it takes. I did not set these boundaries for him he set them himself and I hold him accountable to these things.

His job requires him to be on the computer most of the day and so for a safeguard there, he installed “Covenant Eyes”. So far it has been a great accountability software. He also put up another boundary with no browsing unless it is work related.

He joined a mens purity group called Ironmen and it has been a great support and accountability group. These men are amazing in this group and are tough on him. I call it tough love. The most important thing we could do was create new habits. Habits such as being in prayer, reading the Bible, doing a devotional, journaling, making accountability phone calls, and communication. I can’t stress how much each of these has played a huge role in overcoming this stronghold.

The greatest blessing out of this all, has been our communication. We have grown so much in the short 5 months. I can only imagine what God is capable of doing in our lives if we continue on this path, and continue with open and honest communication.

“Above all else, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.” (James 4:8)

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