Princess Joy

My oldest daughter turns FOUR tomorrow! It seems like it was yesterday that my husand was making me walk around a park for what felt like hundreds of times to get labor started. I went into labor on her due date and she was born the follownig morning. She was the prettiest little girl, and from that moment, our lives were forever changed.

I never realized how much someone so little could change me. As the years have passed, I see myself falling in love with the little things because of her. She has such an appreication for flowers. Everytime we pass them at the store she always asks if she can stop and smell them. I used to think they were a waste of money, but seeing her love and appreciation for them, I can see the beauty in them. She loves to dance, she loves tea parties, painting nails, watching movies cuddled under blankets, and she loves to wear dresses and feel beautiful.

She has taught me to embrace ourselves for who God created us to be and the characteristics that naturally are apart of us. I never realized how much I covered up some of the natural things that are apart of being a woman because I grew up in a house full of boys.

She has taught me to appreciate the little things. To stop when we are rushed at the grocery store to smell the flowers. She has taught me that its ok to want to wear a dress and paint our nails for no reason other than to feel beautiful about ourselves. She knows how to throw a dance party. She knows how to love and forgive unconditionally. Her child like faith is an example of the type of faith we are called to have. She is an amazing big sister and becoming an amazing woman of God.

Happy Birthday Sarah Joy!


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