Fitness Journey

Growing up fitness had always been a priority in my life. After marriage and kids, fitness kind of went on the back burner. As in kind of, I mean I didn’t work out at all unless you count bowling a workout. There were many times I tried working out and eating better but was always discouraged after a couple days. As silly as it sounds, I would be discouraged about not seeing results instantly and how out of shape I was. It was hard! This year my husband and I have become disciplined in many areas in our lives and we figured our health and fitness would be a great one to be disciplined in. Having three kids under four, makes it a little hard to find the time to work out. We realized once we cut out tv, it opens up hours a day to do more productive activities. We find working out before the kids wake up works well if we work out individually, or working out after bedtime works great for us to be able to work out together. We have also tried dieting before, but that was always a fail. Our approach this time, is saying “no” more than we say “yes”. We still eat what we want, but we have found, now that we are working out, we don’t even crave all the junk food we were eating.

We have been on this journey for 11 weeks. We try to work out at least three times a week. My husband has been kicking butt during his lunch breaks at work and runs at least two miles a day. I either go to the gym or work out at home.

My honey on a run!

My work outs are usually 45 minutes to an hour. I start with walking/running one mile and than do a variety of workouts to target different muscle groups. My go to work outs have been legs, butt and abs.

Work out during nap time!

Our journey has already shown us amazing results. My husband has dropped 15lbs and I have lost 8 lbs. Weight loss has not been our goal but it is the result.

Our goal has been to get healthy. We want this to be a lifestyle and not just a couple months thing that will give us results. Having this mindset has helped me with not being discouraged about not seeing results. Having the mindset of longterm, of wanting to be able to keep up with my kids and be examples to them has helped me endure the hard days and to stay committed to this lifestyle.

I really never imagined I would be where I am today. I feel like I am more “in shape” now than I ever have been. I might not have that flat stomach and super fit body that I want somedays, but I know now that I am healthy and my body is now the result of my three babies that my body worked hard to nourish and grow. And now I will work hard to keep it healthy so that I can enjoy this life with my amazing family.

Family Hike!


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