Goals! Goals! and More Goals!

A month ago today, I decided to set goals in my life that I could track. I have a few long term goals and I set a lot of short term goals that I plan to measure monthly. My goals consisted of a variety of things from my relationship with God and my relationship with others, fitness, and other personal things for me to help in my day to day. Its been a month and today I am evaluating my goals and progress.

My goals to grow in relationship with God were to have quiet time daily, pray more as a family, couple, individually, and to bible journal once a week. Monday-Friday it was pretty easy for me to find quiet time in the morning while the kids watch a show or during nap time. Weekends were always a little harder. I used my quiet time for a devotional, journal and occasionally bible journaling. We prayed more together this month and I was able to bible journal at least once a week. This month, I feel like God was working on me to trust Him.

My goals with others (husband, kids, and friends) were date nights, serving, and activities with kids. We had date nights throughout the month. Brian and I took turns taking the kids on dates and we had a date at least once a week. Brian and my dates were all at home after bedtime or coffee in the morning together on a Saturday morning while the kids watched a movie. The kids each chose a Chick-fil-a date night with me and Brian stood home to do a date with the other one and Grace. This month, we will switch and Brian will take them out and I will stay home. During the day I also wanted to be more intentional with the time I had with the kids. I set a goal to do a craft once a week and an outing once a week. Our outing was the library each week. I didn’t meet my goal to serve others, so I will be more intentional with that goal this month.

My fitness goals this month were to workout 3 times a week, lose 5 lbs, lose 1″ off the waist and to tone up. I am so beyond proud of myself for reaching all of my goals in this area this month. Each week I did at least 3 workouts even if they were only 20 minutes. I lost a total of 6.4 lbs, and I lost 1 3/4″ from my waist. I tracked measurements in all my physical areas to track if I was toning up and I lost anywhere from half an inch to two inches in certain areas. All of my work outs were done at home this month with just 5 or 10 lbs dumbbells and the floor.

Some of my other goals were to blog weekly, increase water intake, establish a cleaning schedule that works well for me, start and finish a book, get to bed earlier, healing in marriage, spend money better, eat dinner at home, be thankful and to show respect and appreciation to my honey. There are some goals I want to focus on more in December.

Setting goals has helped me be more productive with my time and energy. I’ve had to be more intentional with how I am spending my free time. I have a little journal where I have my goals written down, and each week I track how they are going.

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