Growing In Prayer

I am thankful to have survived 2016. Honestly, can only give God the glory for that. Off and on I tried making it through a few days in my own strength and those ended in a disaster. I’m looking forward to what this New Year brings. I’m most excited to see what God is going to teach me and what areas He is going to have me grow.
I feel like an area that has been placed on my heart already has been my prayer life. In the beginning of 2016, I started a prayer journal that was broken down into categories but that didn’t work long for me. I also started journaling in a Bible Journal and just a regular journal. I feel like God has used journaling as a way for me to be in communication with Him.

I have three of four journals throughout the house that I’ve been journaling in and writing out my prayers. I feel like I have grown so much in my prayer life, but I know it’s something God wants to continue to develop.
I also want to develop my prayer life with my husband. I have always been very self conscious with praying out loud and refuse to pray out loud with anyone including my husband. It’s not something I’m proud of and something I definitely want to change. Because we are in battles that are not of this world but of the spiritual world, our best weapon is prayer. I want to learn how to pray well. I want prayer to be my first response in this life. I want to know scripture to help me fight.
I decided to create a prayer corner in our bedroom. This has been on my mind for awhile and it seemed silly to have a designated area for praying but decided to give this a go to see how it works for my husband and I.

I have a cork board that I created a few months ago to post specific people or issues to be praying for. I also tapped pictures of my kids and my husband and I, so we can remember to be praying specifically for them and each other. We’ll also be able to put post-it notes with scripture or specific request for each person. I have a frame hung that my husband and I have been using to write little love notes/ encouragement to each other. I have a pretty picture of flowers my husband bought me a couple anniversaries ago and a calendar so we can write upcoming prayer request (ex. Surgeries, projects).
We have a basket that has a few devotionals, a couple versions of the Bible, and a journal. Another basket has Kleenex, pens/pencils, tape, washi tape, paper clips and note cards.

We’ve had this corner for just a couple days and we are already using it; individually and as a family. I’ll do another post in a few months to update how it is working for us.

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