Physically, Emotionally and Spirtually

We are exactly three weeks away from our due date with our fourth child. I think we are as ready as we can be to welcome him. I can’t believe it’s already time but I also can’t believe how long these last few weeks are taking!
Bags are packed for the hospital, car seat is ready to be installed, clothes are washed and in the dresser. Its amazing how different preparing for a new baby is from your first child to your fourth.

Bags are ready

When we were preparing for our first back in 2012, everything on our list was all about the physical part. Make sure we had the crib, car seat, blankets and coming home outfit ready. On top of making sure the room was the right color and all the decor fit just right. As we added each child, we focused a little less on the stuff and tried preparing a little more emotionally.

This pregnancy has involved a lot of emotional preparation like mentally preparing ourselves and our kids. Of course we had the few physical things we had to prepare too. We got the crib and mattress set up. Emptied out my dresser to turn into a dresser and changing area for the baby as a temporary thing in our room until he is transitioned to being in his shared bedroom with his big brother. We have the cloth diapers washed and put away along with all his newborn clothes. The car seat is in the basement waiting to be installed. And the few extra baby products are in closets waiting to be pulled out once he makes his arrival, or as needed.

Emotionally it was a little harder to prepare for. For one, he was a complete surprise. We weren’t trying but we also weren’t preventing. My husband and I were in a tough spot with our marriage, but the pregnancy forced us to draw closer to each other and most importantly to draw closer to God. I feel like the kids are as prepared as they can be and they seem really excited about having another baby around.

Adding another baby, on top of the other young three children we already have, forced us to grown a lot spiritually. It forced us to depend on God in a way we never have before. It forced me to trust God in a way I never have before. We have been forced to create habits that give us time to be with Him, individually, as a couple and as a family.

The past 37 weeks has involved a ton of growth. Physically I have gained an extra 30 pounds and my body has nurtured and grown another sweet little boy. Emotionally we feel ready to welcome another baby into our family. Spiritually I have matured. I have seen God work in my life, my husband, and my family. God has given each of us the strength and energy to face each day. Sure, some days are rough and it doesn’t make since that we got through it, but in the end, we know we have grown a little closer to God because it was in those sweet little moments we see God working. God has proven himself to me and to my family that He is someone that we can trust.. someone I really need to put my trust in.


I really don’t know how we are going to survive as a family of six. I’m sure some days will be more rough than others. I’m sure our house will be a disaster and we’ll depend on take out but we are prepared to trust Him during this time. He has proven himself through this pregnancy, and he’s not leaving us. We feel as prepared as we can be.

I hope to share over the next couple months some of my favorite products for baby and any thing I use to allow me time to develop habits to draw closer to Jesus. Stay tuned. 🙂

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