Appreciating Time

Before having kids of my own, I didn’t really appreciate time. I always looked forward to the summer, basketball season, birthdays and anything fun related. I never understood why my parents (or parents in general) would say “children grow so fast, enjoy them”. Since having kids of my own, I can finally relate. I do not understand how time can fly by so fast. Its UNBELIEVABLE! I am really trying to appreciate every moment I have with my kiddos. It’s definitely not easy.

I easily get caught up in the routines, the tasks, and sometimes just surviving another day. I try to be intentional with slowing down when I find myself in this mindset.

My husband and I try to have date nights with our kids as often as we can. This has become one of my favorite things to do because I get to have one on one time with each of them and do something that they want to do. I’m hoping and praying that this will be something special we get to continue even when they are older.

Recently, I got to enjoy a little one on one time with each of my three kiddos. My daughter Sarah loves ballet. So we snuck out early Saturday morning and went to watch the new ballet movie, Leap. We had a few free movie tickets so we were able to enjoy popcorn and candy. We usually spend time talking on our dates so this was nice to do something a little different.

After our movie

Later that afternoon, I went on a little outing with my son, Calvin. He’s been enjoying reptiles and insects. So of course we had to go to Petco to look at the bearded dragons and geckos they have in store. We stopped next-door at Michaels and he picked out a little container of insects (thanks to a coupon I pulled up online, I got them half off). We ended our little date by stopping at McDonalds for ice-cream cones. Our amazing date cost us just about $7.

Ice cream

I was able to spend a little time with my youngest, Grace snuggled up. We read some of her favorite books and I snuck in some tickles.

Snuggled up next to her baby brother

Date nights aren’t something that we make expensive. We try to keep it as cheap as possible and more about the time we get to spend together and not so much about the activity. Most of our dates are usually at home. They enjoy tea parties, nail painting, dancing parties, bubble baths in bathing suits, Dinosaur fights, trains, and hotwheels. They think its so special to have the boys go in the basement for boy time and us girls go upstairs for girl time. Date nights have become very special in our home.

Family Date Night at home

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