Planners! Planners! Planners!

I think I’m obsessed with planners. I started using a paper planner two years ago after I kept forgetting doctor appointments and would end up late. I would have journals and paper everywhere with “to-do” list, cleaning schedules, bills, etc. My husband gifted me an illustrated faith planner, that I really liked but I wanted a little more space for writing.

July of 2017 I purchased a “Heidi Swapp” planner at Michael’s on clearance for $3! I really love it and love the cover. I was using it for EVERYTHING! I had bills written in it, appointments, “to-do’s”, prayers, verses, thankful lists, drawing from my kids, etc. It was really fun to write in it and it felt amazing to actually be organized and have everything in one spot. I love everything about it except that it was a little too big to take with me. I usually only carry a diaper bag so, it need to fit in there.

I recently found “mini happy planners”. I LOVE them! I love the size and I love that you can customize it how you want. Currently I have a mini that I am using for appointments, all things kids, my to do lists for each day and meal planning.


I just purchased another one that I hope to use as a food and fitness journal to track what I am eating and what exercises I am doing and progress with fitness (another post on that to come). This one will stay in the kitchen by the fridge so I can add the food part while I’m grabbing food.


I use a separate mini happy planner for homeschooling that I plan in.


For Christmas my husband bought me an illustrated faith planner that I use to record what I am thankful for daily.


My new Heidi Swapp planner is being used as a memory planner. I’ve been writing in it a few times a week with anything relating to life. So much happen day to day and its hard to soak it all in. Slowing down and recording it helps me reflect on this amazing life I get to live with my loving husband and four kiddos.


My original Heidi Swapp planner I passed to my oldest daughter and she uses it as a journal. Planning has helped me be a better stay at home mama. It’s relieved a lot of stress because I don’t have everything just in my head. It’s given me another little hobby that I really enjoy doing. I bought a few stickers that are specifically for planners and it’s made something so boring, a little more fun. But most importantly it has helped me stay organized and on top of all my duties as a homemaker. My home is getting cleaned, kids aren’t missing appointments or activities, and meals are being cooked. And I also get to take time to slow down and write things down that are important and mean something to me. 🙂

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