So We’re Homeschooling..

I’m officially a homeschooling mama to a kindergartener and my son who is doing pre-k!

I can’t even believe they are old enough for school! I remember when my husband and I were first married we talked about how we would consider it when it was time. Then it was January 2018 and we realized we would need to make a decision soon.

I think every other week this summer I changed my mind about doing it with my daughter. It was all so new and overwhelming. I was beyond discouraged and just didn’t think it would work for our family. But I also knew sending her to school would be difficult because I didn’t want to commit to taking her 5 days a week and having her gone 8 hours a day. I really just didn’t want to miss out with time with her and the influence we as parents and a family could have on her.

So the research began.

Let’s just say that preparing to homeschool was probably to hardest thing I’ve had to do..probably ever! (And I think that’s saying a lot considering I’ve had 4 babies, and adjusted to each one, kidney stones during a pregnancy, and just overall life) lol

I was probably over thinking it but considering how crazy busy my life is with the little ones, I really had to think everything through and organize my brain and an area to do school.

We’re about two weeks and it’s working so far. They are both loving it and I’m enjoying it. I think it’s fairly easy now that the research is done and we are organized and ready to go. My daughter will attend a homeschool group that she starts in a week and she is still so excited to be going to an actual school. My son will stay home and get some one on one time with me.

First day of school practicing our address.

When she grows up she wants to be a professional ballerina, an artist or a mom. My son has no idea what he wants to do. 🙂

2 thoughts on “So We’re Homeschooling..

    1. Hi, it’s still going well. Definitely have hard days/weeks and on those days we kind of just do what we can. We are using the summer to really find a balance with school, house work and fun. I’ll try to do an updated post soon about what we have been doing.


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