Thinking about Homeschooling?

Not sure where to start with homeschooling?
I didn’t know either. I wish I would have started with “why?”.

Why do you want to homeschool? If I would have knew my “why” and kept that in my mind, I don’t think I would have kept changing my mind and considering public/charter schools.

Figure out your states standards. I was so lost as to what I needed to teach my daughter. I knew the basics but didn’t really know what it all included. A family member who is a teacher recommended our Colorado Education Website for a breakdown of EVERYTHING! And I mean everything! It was so overwhelming and worded in a way that I couldn’t wrap my mind around what it all meant. So I of course turned to Pinterest, Google and my super smart husband to break it down in words that my brain could understand. lol

What kind of approach do you want to take? I honestly don’t know much about all the different types of approaches. Again there are many. Of course you’ll find conflicting information that one is definitely better than the other. Well here is my approach.. Some days we do nothing. We play, we cook, we pick up after ourselves, and we are a little extra selective about the tv shows we pick and try to make them a little more “educational”. And there are days when we get into our homeschool room, do our worksheets, play, read, and everything goes as perfect as can be. Pretty much, I have a rough schedule of what I would like to do with them but each day is determined on how we are doing as family. If it was just an absolute horrible day and we are in “survival” mode, then when my husband gets home from work, we prioritize some intentional schooling time. So far this is working..we’ll see what next week looks like.

What are you willing to invest into it? Yes, financially it’s going to cost you. You could make it as cheap or expensive as you would like. We splurged in some areas and cut back in others. It’s also going to cost time. Time of the guardian providing instructions and time that you would normally spend elsewhere.

Get organized! Whatever that means to it! It’s going to look different for every family. For me, organized means having a good planner that works well for me and my families needs, labeling things, and prepping what I can. You do you!

Jump in, start, give yourself grace, be flexible, be willing to change if need be, ask for help, connect and try to enjoy it.

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