Negative Body Image

I am so easily attacked when it comes to believing the lies about my body. I went to bed last night upset about the fact that I have cellulite and woke up multiple times in the night with lies just flooding my head.

I have never struggled so bad with body image until having kids and facing issues in marriage. It’s hard to not believe the lies when the lies are so supported by the culture we live in. The lies that we have to be a certain size, be a certain weight, manage to have kids and still have a “perfect” body, and of course no blemishes.

It’s hard for me to remember truth when the lies seem to be consuming me. I’ve been journaling more about wanting victories in this area because it’s not just hurting me but it’s starting to hurt my marriage. It’s hard for me to believe a compliment I might get or I have a hard time believing that my husband thinks I’m beautiful and is attracted to me.

Ive been working on taking my thoughts captive and allowing God to replace them with truth.

Truth that He made me beautiful. That my body is amazing because it has carried and delivered four babies. It continues to let me live an active and healthy lifestyle. It allows me to keep up with four kids.

I know my body isn’t perfect. I know it’s not what the world sees as beautiful. But my body has been perfect for me and the life I live. I’m learning that my body will never be “perfect”, especially in the eyes of others. And that’s ok.

I’m learning to care for my body with the food I put in it, the activity I give it, and most importantly with the way I talk about it. I want to care for it the best way I can. To care for it the way I care for my children. To give it quality nutrition and encourage activity. To set an example of what it looks like to accept my body for what it is…and for what it’s not. To find contentment. To be thankful for what my body can do and what it has done.

I want to learn to battle the lies of this world when it comes to women’s body image so that I can teach my daughters how to fight because they most likely will face these same battles.

What have you done to help battles the lies of this world regarding body image?
When you’re being attacked, what is your go to scripture?

Thanks for sharing!

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