2018 Homeschool Focus

After a ton of research, a ton of talking and reading a ton of blogs, I finally narrowed down our homeschool focus for the 2018/2019 school year.

We have a kindergartener and a preschooler.

For kindergarten, our “must get to” subjects are Reading, Handwriting, and Math. Bible time will be done as a family. We will include science, history and anything extra as time allows, so no specific curriculum for those. We also add in sight word practice and Bob books once a week.

For pre-school, we are doing Reading and Handwriting. Math will be done but no set curriculum just manipulatives. Bible, Science and history will follow the kindergarteners schedule.

I’ve come across a ton of activities that I have included into our homeschool days but that is only as time allows and if my kiddos want to do it. We add in book club once a month for a week from letsplayschoolblog.com She prepares all the activities, so it’s fairly easy. We also have her preschool curriculum that we do once a month for a week. I’ve been planning field trips once a month and do activities around these themes.

The work load hasn’t been too much for an almost 6 year old kindergartener and a 4 year old.

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