Why we decided to homeschool..

As I said in a previous post, the idea of homeschooling was first planted because my husband was homeschooled until the seventh grade and he loved.

Let me start by saying that I don’t see myself as the homeschool type. I went to about 10 different elementary school and two high schools (one 4A and one 5A so big). I loved my experience with public schools.

As a mom I have struggled with anger, been extremely impatient and yelled at my kids. I say this because I hear so much that mom’s don’t homeschool because “I’m just not patient enough”. Believe me, neither was I.

I think patience is something we will continue to learn over the course of our life. I have seen God work in amazing ways with my patience levels and I still see areas where he can work more.

Ok but back to why we decided to homeschool..

We decided to homeschool for many reasons. One of my top reasons was that the school we would consider putting my daughter in would require me to drop off and pick up every single day. So that means I would have to get three other kids up and out the door, twice a day, 5 days a week, 180 times a year. I would be committing to leaving her in someones care for almost 40 hours a week. My kids drive me crazy to where I NEED a break almost daily, but missing out of 8 hours a day that I could be investing in them was just too much for me.

Which leads me to reason #2.
I want what they are learning to align with what is important to our family as a whole. To be able to spend more time focusing on the things that hold true eternal value and not lost in other things.

I love that I am able to expand on topics that interest each of them and cut other short. I can go at a pace that is for each kid.

Looking back in the areas I struggled in school, I wish I would have gotten the help I needed to succeed. I wish I would have been able to slow down with the things I was learning and was having a difficult time understanding.

I’m able to challenge each of the kids differently and slow down if they need to slow down.

And the flexibility I think is what really sold me. I love the flexibility that comes with homeschooling. We go outside when the weather allows, run errands and fit school in where it fits. It hasn’t been extremely stressful and we have managed to stay on schedule with what is planned.

We always said we would take it year by year and see where we are, but I couldn’t imagine a time anytime soon, where sending our kids to school full time would be best for them or our family.

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