Eating more at Home

At the end of August, I totaled up how much we spent on food (including groceries and going out) and it was outrageous! So September we decided to challenge ourselves and really get our food budget under control. Honestly it was a little embarrassing because I don’t remember eating any meals that were amazingly delicious or worth the amount we spent that month.

We are near the end of September and I am so proud of how we have done. We have eaten out four times and have spent less than $75 total (for a family of 6). We also have spent less on groceries because of meal planning and eating leftovers.

We have been meal planning (and sticking to the plan), eating leftovers, and cooking meals that don’t require me to be in the kitchen all day.

I pulled out the instant pot I bought a year ago that has only been used once. I use my crockpot almost daily. I picked meals that were relatively easy and didn’t involve too many weird ingredients that I normally don’t have on hand.

My husband has also been a huge support. Mainly because he loves whatever I cook and appreciates any food that is made that day.

My kids are also the cutest. Whatever is served for dinner my sons reply is “who made this dinner?” followed by “you make the best food ever”. So I can’t help but want to cook for them.

I also started following a blog called ( She has been a huge inspiration. Her approach to cooking and food in general has given me the confidence to just cook.

This month I found that we have spent less on food, eaten better quality and healthier meals. We tried a few new recipes that we loved. My kids are involved more with cooking.

I don’t feel guilty or embarrassed for what we are eating or how much we are spending.

We have had more family meals together (mainly adding more breakfast together).

Overall it has been an amazing change for my family. I’m excited to continue to grow in this area. To chip away a little more off the budget and make a little more from scratch.

What motivates you to eat more at home?
Favorite family recipes?

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