Productivity in Rest

“I want you to relax and enjoy this day. It’s easy for you to get so focused on your goals that you push yourself too hard–and neglect your need for rest”.

I read this, this morning in my “Jesus Always” devotional and it smacked me
right in the face. I tried to joke and turn it to my husband because we were reading together, but it really was for me. It’s been something I have really been struggling with.

I’ve been enjoying the busyness in my life. I’m so used to only have short burst of energy because of pregnancies, so when I do have energy I try to do as much as my body allows. I think my body is still adjusting to the new energy I have because I am no longer pregnant or waking as much with newborns.

I’m enjoying this energy. It’s an energy I haven’t had in 6+ years but it’s different than what it was before I had kids. I have the energy to be with my kids durning the day (and evening) and the energy it takes to plan our homeschool lessons and to actually teach them. I enjoy caring for my home and having the energy to do it (or most of it). I have really been enjoying cooking and baking. There are so many things that I want to get done.

Of course there are still things that keep me busy that I don’t enjoy doing so much, but still need to get done.

I don’t think being busy and productive is a bad thing. For me, I think it has gotten bad because I’m having a hard time just sitting and doing nothing. It really is a struggle for me to rest. It’s gotten to the point to where if I’m not productive because I haven’t gotten as much done, it’s a bad day.

The devotional went on to say, “When you are comfortable enough in your true identity to balance work with relaxation, you are more effective in My kingdom. A refreshed mind is able to think more clearly and biblically. A restored soul is winsome and loving in interactions with others. So take time with Me, and let Me lead you beside waters of rest”.

So often, I don’t see the importance of rest. That resting is being productive in itself. My body needs rest. My mind needs rest. Even if I feel like I can do it all, if I’m not taking time to refresh my soul, I’m going to crash.

We live in a culture of “go, go, go”, and that productivity is measured by what it produces physically.

God is telling us to rest. And even though I can’t measure the productivity in resting in His presence, it is what is best for me.

I’m really challenging myself this week to not focus on my to do lists and goals that I want to get done this week. Things will get done, but I want to allow myself time to rest. I don’t need to fill every minute with something “productive”. It’s ok if I don’t get it all done. My value isn’t measured in the things I do but I’m valuable because He says I am.

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