Follow Up (Eating at Home)

A quick follow up to us eating more at home.

It is still going amazing!

We ate out a total of 5 times and spent less than $100 total in September. Which is pretty good considering we are feeding two adults and four children. We spent a little more on groceries than I had originally budgeted but I gave ourselves a little window since I wasn’t sure exactly what it would cost us to eat most of our meals at home.

We ate quite a few new recipes and kept to some of our favorites. We also ate better quality food. I was able to splurge a little and buy more organic meat and produce. And I even made more things from scratch.

Seriously, we ate so good and the kids ate the best they have ever eaten and almost every night they were asking for seconds.

I’ll do another post soon to share some of the new recipes we tried.

The biggest things that helped us was:
– meal planning (I planned meals around what he had going on each day, what we had on hand, and what sounded good).
– grocery shopping weekly (I did a Costco trip every two weeks and King Soopers (Clicklist) every week).
– prepping (I prepped whatever I could early in the morning or early afternoon while the younger kiddos would nap).
– doubling some meals so that we could have leftovers.
– actually eating leftovers and not letting them go to waste.

Our go to’s for going out to eat were Marco’s pizza (my husband could pick it up on his way home from work and save us delivery fee and tip) or Chick-fil-a (we ordered two of the 30ct chicken nuggets tray and split between all of us).

I am super excited to continue to grow in this area of eating at home and cooking for my family. It has been so much fun for me.

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