October Homeschooling Update

We are about 10 weeks into homeschooling.
I feel like things are constantly changing and were constantly making adjustments.

Overall things are going pretty well but we are still trying to find a groove. We want our homeschooling to feel more natural but also want to be intentional with what we are doing.

I realized that we were getting away from our family goals and what was truly important to us. It was causing us to feel burnt out and just overwhelmed.

We had to readjust and really get back to what we wanted for our family.

We moved the homeschool stuff back to the main area and out of the basement. It was really hard to get down there to “do school” and it didn’t feel natural. I also went through all of our supplies and am getting rid of a ton of stuff that we just weren’t using and was just adding clutter. I need to make a habit to sort and get rid of more often.

My biggest concern with having the supplies in the living room/kitchen is that my youngest will tear everything down because he is in that stage.

BUT, I know that we will get more of a variety of activities done and do more learning whenever time allows.

SO, the supplies are up here and we will see what happens. lol


I’m also trying to take a more relaxing approach to each day. We do whatever we can, when we can, and if we don’t get to it, it’s not the end of the world.

This month we are doing a whole “pumpkin” theme. Our field trip was to a local pumpkin patch with some friends. We have some fun activities planned like carving pumpkins, baking everything we can with pumpkin, pumpkin crafts and pretend pumpkin patch at home . We’ll prioritize our reading curriculum and reading out loud. We just purchased The Magic Tree House series and my kids LOVE them! If reading is complete, we do math and handwriting. So far it’s been working and has been really fun.

If it goes well the remainder of the month, we’ll carry the same approach into November.

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