My House is Messy, and it’s OK!

My house is a lot messier these days, and it’s ok.
Not that it’s been easy to let the mess go but the reality of it being, I can’t keep up with it anyways. The trials my family went through these past few months have really taught me about letting go of control. Control of my marriage, control of my kids, control of relationships, and control of my house.

The old me would make a list of everything that needed to get done. Everything would get done, no matter what it cost.

I was sick of prioritizing my “to-do” list over my self care (spending time in the word) or spending time with my kids throughout the day.

It’s still important for me to take care of my home because having a home to care for is a huge blessing. I’m thankful for my house. I’m thankful for the mess. But I also want to invest more into the relationships right in front of me. I want my kids to know how to pick up after themselves and to be appreciative of the things they have (home, toys, never ending arts & crafts supplies), but I don’t want them to value these things above relationships.

The truth is the mess will still be here tomorrow or there will be a new mess to clean up. I’ve learned that I can’t prevent the mess. I can only maintain the mess. And you know what, it’s ok.

I’ve been trying a little different approach since my world has kind of been rocked and I have really learned to let go of control.

I still make my list of what needs to get done and what I would like to get done. But then I pick just a couple things from that list of what absolutely needs to get done that day and I’ll pick a couple things I want to do. The rest will carry over into tomorrow, or I’ll ask my husband for help with something, or it gets crossed off because it’s not as important as I thought it was.

We’re all a lot happier with a messier house.

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