Decluttering and Simplifying

In January I started watching Marie Kondos’ show “Tidy Up”. It was mainly just something to watch and had no real intentions of applying anything. A few episodes in, I decided to try decluttering my clothes. I of course had a huge amount of clothes but everyday while getting dressed I would fight the battle of not having anything to wear. I ended up getting rid of four large black trash bags full. I still have more than what a “minimalist” would have, but the amount works for me. Getting ready isn’t a constant battle because everything I have, I like the way it fits and its comfortable. My husband went through his clothing and purged a lot of items he wasn’t wearing. We ended up switching closets from our walk-in closet that was running out of space to our other smaller closet with more than enough room now. And that was that. I no longer was having the battle with getting dressed in the morning.

A few months pass, and I was still feeling overwhelmed with maintaining our house. I felt like my to-do was never ending and I honestly just could not keep up. I kept looking for ways to organize better, but it really just came down to going through the entire house and simplifying everything.

I started in the kitchen because meal time was always stressful. I got rid of the all the different plates, never ending amount of coffee cups, and sorting through all the cabinets and taking out anything that wasn’t being used. We got rid of the appliances that only serve one purpose and held on to the others that we use more often.

We ended up going through the kids clothing and simplifying. Keeping only favorites and getting rid of the items that would just sit there or didn’t fit the best. We decluttered toys, books and stuffed animals. We allowed our kids to help sort and decide what to keep.

We rearranged a lot! We only spent about $20 on clear bins from target to help organize the things we were keeping.

I never thought that it would pay off the way it has. The past two weeks have been the best two weeks in a long time. My mind isn’t consumed in the to-do’s. I’m not constantly feeling like I have to be doing something. I have allowed myself to use nap time as a time for myself to do what I want and not clean or homeschool.

It is amazing how slowly the materialistic things creep in and steal our time, our joy and peace. We still have a lot to do and a lot to learn. But now I feel like I really have a new mind set when deciding to keep or buy something. If the item isn’t being used or wont be used in the next month or so, then it has to go.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list, if you feel like you can’t maintain your stuff, you might have too much stuff and too much on your to-do. Get rid of the things that aren’t of value. Find a system that would make things simpler for you. It’s going to take work at first to apply a system, but it will pay off. Start in the area that overwhelms you the most. If its your schedule, simplify your schedule. If it’s your clothing, go through your clothes, donate or sale what you can. Be intentional moving forward with what you allow to take your money and your time. Don’t believe the lie that more is better. I’ve learned that less is truly more. I’ve been able to enjoy the things I have and the time I have that isn’t tied up to maintaining my things.

I’m not minimalistic but I am simple.

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